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◆ B2B 採購須知 / B2B Purchase Notice ◆
◇ 作家作品訂購說明:
   2、每張訂單最低訂購金額為 NTD 5,000

◇ 因各項商品安全庫存量不一,發貨期間約為 7-21個工作日,正確交期請與責任業務窗口聯繫

◇ 由於品項多從國外採購進口,故除產品瑕疵外,訂單成立後不接受退訂、退貨或其他取消交易之事由,敬請理解

◇ 台灣境內 - 免運門檻為 NTD 3000,不足額之訂單將酌收 NTD 100 之國內段運費
   國際運送 - 無免運額度,訂單可自行安排配送,或於雙方同意運費報價後以敝司簽約合作之快遞 FedEx 配送

◇ 因每台螢幕硬體設備不同,照片與實品難免產生色差,若購買前對商品細節有所疑問,歡迎訊息或來電詢問

◆ B2B Purchase Notice ◆

◇  Original Design's Products Ordering Guidelines:
    1、Each Designer's work must be ordered separately.
    2、The minimum order amount per order is NTD 5,000.

◇ Due to variations in the safety stock levels of different products, the delivery period is approximately 7-21 business days. For accurate delivery times, please get in touch with your business representative.

◇ Most products are imported through overseas procurement. Except for product defects, orders cannot be canceled, returned, or canceled after establishment. Your understanding is appreciated.

◇ In Taiwan, there is free shipping over NTD 3,000 orders. Orders below this amount will incur a domestic shipping fee of NTD 100.

   For international shipping, there is no free shipping. Orders can be arranged for delivery on your own, or you can use our delivery partner, FedEx, to ship your package. Shipping costs are quoted after completed packing.

◇ Due to differences in each screen's hardware settings, color variations between photos and actual products may exist. If you have questions about the product details before purchasing, please message or call for inquiries.